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How to Properly Utilize the Three Ford EV Modes

2015 Ford Fusion Energi Ev Now Later Auto Mode Driving Plug In Conserve Power Battery 1024x333

Ford EV Auto, Now and Later Modes Explained

Many of the vehicles on the market that utilize a combination of gasoline and electric power sources just run the engine and the motor together until the battery power is drained. It can be frustrating for those who may just need to make a quick run to the grocery store and don’t want to burn any of their fuel during the trip there. Thankfully that issue has been solved with the useful Ford EV Auto, Now and Later modes.

With the addition of the button, which is currently available in electric Ford offerings such as the Fusion SE Energi, drivers now have the option to choose where they want their power to come from. As there are three options, naturally the button allows you to switch vehicle operation among three modes. Power can come from the electric motor, the gasoline engine or a combination of the two.

To make everything even more convenient, it only takes a second to select the preferred driving mode. The operations of each of the buttons is somewhat self-explanatory, but to clear up any questions that you may have about what all three of them do, we will touch on each one of the button operations individually.

The first, and arguably the most highly sought-after of the operations is the EV Now mode. This is the one that allows you to do what we mentioned earlier. If you want to drive on electricity alone, you simply have to select this mode. It will draw the vast majority of power from the electric motor, and when the battery is drained completely, the gas engine will automatically kick into action and take you the rest of the way.

In Auto EV mode, the vehicle operates as it normally does. This means that both the gas engine and the electric motor take over equal parts of the work. If you find yourself speeding up and slowing down quite a bit, this is the mode that you want to select as it is the most versatile of them all. If you plan to encounter higher speeds, however, you will find that the handy Ford EV Later button is best suited for your needs.

With the EV Later button, you can conserve all of the battery power that you have for later use. This is especially helpful if you are on the highway and will be taking your electric vehicle to battery-draining speeds. By having your gas engine to do the work, you can conserve that precious battery power. Then, when you get to your destination and move to lower speeds, you can switch into EV Now or Auto mode.

The EV Auto, Now and Later modes are just one of the aspects that continue to separate the electric Ford offerings from the rest on the market. If you are interested in learning more about each of these modes or want to put them to the test for yourself, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Matt Ford. We would be more than happy to introduce you to the system and let you test it out each of the modes yourself. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us or to schedule a test drive if you are interested.